Saturday, April 21, 2012


Mr. Tang and I are working now! We are officially an Up Class Pig [Copyright © Mr. Tang :D]

This is what I touch in these few weeks. 2nd weeks start the project? Only train for 1 week? But now we already trained for 3rd week == I'm still not really familiar with it, the script is different from what I had learned == AND! I'm lonely because I need to work at AmBank for 2 months without interact with my colleagues at all :( This project only handled by me and one of my colleague who is a SMOKER! I hate SMOKER u know? although he didn't smoke in front of me, but his smell is so.......... Speechless... Once he open his mouth and talk, I almost vomit == I'm still not yet get used to it == and I also never get used to it! Please stop smoking ok!
Anti anti anti anti anti anti anti anti Smoking!!

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